Fallout 4: My Wishlist

As the rumor mill continues on at full tilt about Fallou 4 I’ve seen many ideas that people have suggested they would like to see in the next Fallout. (As a pint of order, shouldn’t the next Fallout be Fallout 5. I mean there was Fallout 3, then the next one, Fallout:New Vegas, which to me would logically be Fallout 4 and then next one coming up should therefore be Fallout 5. I’m just saying…)

Anyway, a few of the things I would like to see in the next iteration (whatever the number) are as follows:

1) More variety in enemy/monster art. Seriously, why do all raiders and Deathclaws look identical. I know this a minor issue, but after killing hundreds of the same raiders, sometimes I avoid them just because they are boring visually. And to that point…

2) Let random encounters be just that…random. I shouldn’t be able to tell a half mile out if someone is hostile or not. Maybe those people in the distance are just traders that have the bobby pins I am low on. Maybe they are bounty hunters looking for my head on a pike. It’s more fun if I don’t know until the last minute…or until it is too late.

3) Weather. This could have wide ranging effects on the environment and gameplay. Do more critters come out while it is raining? Perhaps I cannot shoot as far or run as fast. In inclement weather Perhaps it even effects my weapon condition or how hard my enemies may pursue me.

4) More in-game weapon and armor mods available. New Vegas was a good foray into weapon mods. Now let me make my sniper rifle into the unholy terror of the wasteland it was meant to be. But on that same note…

5) Permanent wear-and-tear. Sure, you can fix that combat armor and sawed of shotgun, but at some point, there is no more that can be done and it just needs to be scrapped. A continual, irreversible decrease in item condition and effectiveness would bring a sense of realism to the Fallout world.

6) Religious groups, political alignment and karma/reputation system. Why can’t I be a Child of the Atom and a member of the Enclave? And how would the Tops react to me if they feared the Enclave but were dismissive of the Children? I should be able to belong to more than one group and the affiliations of those groups have a cumulative (or subtractive) effect on members of other groups.

7) Location. We’ve done East Coast. We’ve done the desert. How about the Midwest? Or California? (Anyone care to topple the NRC?). Rumor has it the next Fallout may be in Boston, but I don’t think that location is set in stone yet. Some have said Europe might be a good option, and I could see where London or Paris might be a good choice. But it would be hard to explain the presence of super-mutants there.  But the Midwest is a Tabula Rosa.  It’s barely mentioned in Fallout cannon.  Let’s open it up.  On the other hand, we’re familiar with the NCR.  I think it is time they get to know me…

8) Quest, quests, and more quests.  The more the better.  Go crazy and have a ton of quests that it will take forever and a day to complete.  Then add half a dozen more.

Any other ideas?