Heeeeere’s Johnny!

It’s been a while since my last post.  I’ve been kind of busy with some personal things.  Mostly my wife finished chemotherapy (she has/had breast cancer) and I had a nasty cold at the same time that lasted the better part of three weeks.  This was not good as she was immune compromised due to the chemotherapy.  So I tried to stay way from her as much as possible while supporting her and helping her as much as possible.  So it made for quite a weird scene.

Then she went in for surgery much sooner than we thought she would.  We thought two or three weeks after the last chemotherapy session.  She went four days after the last session.

So now we’re all well.  We’re just waiting on a biopsy report and then about five or six weeks of radiation and we’re good to go!

One thing that bothered me in all this however was my entire routine that I had been so disciplined about went down the tubes.  Diet went bye-bye, exercising was non-existent, no guitar playing, and mediation…well, it’s hard to concentrate on breathing when your having a hard time breathing in the first place.  The only thing I even marginally kept up with was my daily devotionals, which at times were more slugging through it than anything really spiritual.

I guess if there was one positive in all this is that I realized that I really enjoy the little routines and disciplines I have developed.  I just hope I can get back in the groove sooner rather than later.