#500 – Touch – Eurythmics

As a child of MTV in the 80’s, Annie Lennox was one of the queens of MTV in the early days. But the Eurythmics always seemed to be a little to smart for their audience. Still Annie Lennox’s haunting voice is unmistakable and has almost a mystical quality to it.

Released in 1983 (one of the best years, in my humble opinion) I was familiar with a couple of the songs on the album (Here Comes the Rain Again which was inescapable in 1983 on MTV with it’s cows and synthesizers and third-eye Hindu flavor and Who’s That Girl which was well played if not as well received.)

But this album had quite a few hidden gems in it. No Fear, No Hate, No Pain (No Broken Hearts) and it’s reprise of the sound from Here Comes the Rain Again was interesting as was Regrets. And Right By Your Side surprised me with it’s reggae sounds (as I was expecting only overwhelming Indian influences based on the videos.)

This was a good album to start this musical journey. I listened to is twice through and at no time did I have that “ugh…when will this song be over…” thought.

Looking at the list there seems to be quite a bit of Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen. Not really a fan of either of those gents and not looking forward to slugging it through those albums…