496 # – Destroyer – Kiss

As a child of the 70’s I remember on one occasion going over to my friend Rob’s (who’s last name is lost to me now) house with some other friends. We went to his room, and closing the door, he pulled out his collection of Kiss albums. I recall he had about four or five of them. My other friends were quite familiar with Kiss and the songs they played that day. I felt awkward as I had really never hear any of the songs before. Studied the album covers in detail paticularly interested in Gene Simmons, “the demon”, and his blood soaked image on the cover of Kiss Alive. The inside with him spitting fire. The other guys just loved Kiss and seemed to know all the songs. I wanted to fit in and like Kiss with them and know the words and sing along.

The problem is, I didn’t.

I know I should have liked Kiss, but I just didn’t.

Over the years, I have grown to appriciate a few of their songs and have held out hope that someday, maybe, I would become a fan.

So when I saw Kiss was in at #496 I was hopeful that the time had come.

I am sad to report that, some 40 years later, that the appeal of Kiss still eludes me. I find them to be sophomoric and rather banal. The intrumental parts are fine, but nothing special and the lyrics are almost a mockery of themselves. Honestly it reminded me of This is Spinal Tap without the humor.

Seriously…this song should be straight off the Spinal Tap album “Smell the Glove”….

Yes, there are three songs on this album that can be identified as “Rock classics”: Beth, Detroit Rock City, and Shout it Out Loud. But honestly if I never heard any of these songs again, I could care less.

…Oh boy…the great Kiss love ballad. Meh.

Just because a lot of people like something doesn’t mean it is good. This is what I have discovered about Kiss. Sure, they have the “Kiss Army” and a few good songs, but after 40 years, I think I can safely say what I was thinking in that school friend’s bedroom 40 years ago: Kiss sucks.

To me, Rolling Stone ranked this album at least five places to high.

Kiss has a second shot at redemption with we with Kiss Alive at #159, but not holding out much hope.

Hidden Gem: none…

Best Song: Beth (I guess…)