494 # – She’s So Unusual – Cyndi Lauper

MTV Kiddie here, so this was a blast from the past. Not much here not to like for someone who attended high school in the early 80’s. And most of it was familiar too. Although the first time I heard most of these songs, release in 1983, they were played off vinyl at Flip Side record store…and not because it was “cool” to be on vinyl either.

I digress. Clocking in at 39 minutes, the record was a fun romp. Some songs were poignant like Time After Time, while some were pure pop like Girls Just Want to Have Fun. But to me what is amazing is the strength of Cyndi Lauper as a cultural icon that refused to be steamrollered by the other icon of the time, Madonna. Face it, Madonna was a juggernaut, but Cyndi image and status held her own. And that’s saying something.

But the album itself was a huge hit earning six Grammy nominations, MTV’s best female video (for Girls Just Want to Have Fun), and winning Grammys for Best New Artist and Best Album Package.

Seriously this is a treasure trove of 80’s synth-pop. If you are jonesing for some synthesizer, just listen to She-Bop for a while Cyndi conjugates the Bop verb. You’ll be good. We bop! And if that doesn’t do it for you, I’ll Kiss You will.

Hidden Album Gem: When You Were Mine

Best Song: Time after Time