Google Toolbar in IE 9 not showing up.

Well, I finally am being forced to upgrade IE 8 on my work PC to IE 9.  I’m not a huge fan of IE anyway, but I don’t hate it either.  It has its pros and cons.  But I definitely prefer the UI on IE8 to that of IE9.  Specifically I do not like the alert bar at the bottom nor the way downloads are handled in IE9.  But honestly at the end of the day that is just opinion and preference and has no real bearing on how “good” it is as an internet browser.

I know many people complain about security in IE and the slowness, but sometimes, since it is the de facto standard of browsers, it has to be used to get the job done.  I use five different browsers personally. In descending order of use they are Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Atomic Web browser (on the iPad.)

So I made the switch and sure enough the one feature I insist on having in IE, Google Toolbar, won’t install correctly.  Well, to be more precise, it installs just fine.  I just cannot see it.  I do the usual uninstall, reboot, reinstall to no avail.  I made sure the add-on was enabled, that I had the right version for my OS, etc.  Everything checked out, but still no toolbar.  And even more problematic, in the View>>Toolbars the Google Toolbar wasn’t even showing up.

Then I started going through me settings and found that one of the settings on the Internet Options>>advanced>>browsing was disabled and causing me all my problems.  It was the one named “Allow third party Browser Extensions” and it was unchecked.  I checked it to enable add-ons, restarted the browser and, voilà, I had my toolbar once again.

Still not entirely happy about using IE9, but I am better now that I have my toolbar back.

Oh…so it is okay for a B-List star to be blatantly racist now…as long as they’re black.

I’ve watched Saturday Night Live since I was thirteen years old. I won’t say I’ve seen every episode, but I have certainly seen most. There have been good seasons and there have been bad seasons. A common refrain I often hear is that SNL isn’t “good anymore.” I’ve decided that SNL is always best two seasons ago.

The comedy on SNL is often biting and cutting edge. But this week’s monologue by Jamie Foxx took a new turn into the blatantly racist and hateful.

It started with his monologue. Jamie Foxx started by giving examples of how “Black is the new white” and ending each example with the phrase “How black is that?”

The topic turned to his new movie “DJango Unchained” where he says his character is “a slave. How black is that?”

But then the monologue took a sinister turn when he said “I get to kill all the white people. How great is that?!?”

So that’s where we’re at in 2012? This the progress that racial relations have made? That is is now okay to celebrate the killing of a person based on the color of there skin?

I love comedy. I love free speech. But there is a line that shouldn’t be crossed, and that line is hateful speech. Jamie Foxx crossed that line on SNL.

When Michael Richards had his rant to a relatively small crowd calling a black person a “nigger” and making a reference to a lynching, the media and the public went nuts. There were multiple mea culpas, meetings with Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton, and Richard’s final self-imposed exile from the public eye.

Yet here we have a bigger star saying how great it is to kill “all the white people” on a show broadcast live from shore-to-shore and the media is silent and there is nary an apology or explanation forthcoming. Jamie Foxx owes, at the minimum, a public apology for these comments.

I guess the big difference in the situations is the color of Richards and Foxx’s skin.

How racist (and hypocritical) is that?