Update on NetApp and CDW debacle….

since there has been SOOO much interest in this, I thought I would post an update of what has happened since my last post.

True to their word, a NetApp engineer called at 8:30 AM yesterday and worked with us until about noon.  Ah, progress.  We then broke for luch while some large files were ftp’d up to NetApp.

Upon returning, there was an email from the NetApp engineer explaining he had received some of the files already.  But also he forgot to mention that he had a dentist appointment that afternoon and would not be able to work on the case any more that day.

So this case would be dragged on until day eight.  Eight days without replication to the DR site.  Eight days without resolution.

Not satisfied with this answer, we called the “owner of the case” to see if someone else could look at the data or at least verify everything was being received properly.  No answer.  Left a voicemail.  As of this morning, still no response from her.

Meanwhile, we came into work  this morning and had an email from the engineer…apparently some of the files we were uploading to NetApp’s FTP site “didn’t make it.”

Every day in this little adventure is a fresh hell….

Still no word from my CDW reps on what they are doing to get this expedited.  Apparently I must have really pissed them off as I seem to be abandoned.

Moving at the speed of business…not.

Also in the news…when we had our nine-person conference call that was us essentially asking the same question we had been asking for 4-8 weeks (depending how you count) to a bunch of people, one of the things we asked NetApp for was a white paper or any kind of document or “cookbook” on implementing DR.  What we were particularly interested in was how the NetApp DR solution worked in conjunction with AD and how to avoid any potential pitfall especially when testing.

That was four days ago.  We still haven’t hear back on this and will probably need to ask another twelve times.

I guess I can understand why it would take so long though.  Probably a big document.  If only there was a method of transmitting data and the written word at lightning-like speeds across the country…

UPDATE 09/01/12: Dimitri, I am closing the comments thread.  I am not going to revisit this again as I have spent too much time on this already.  If you want to know the details, I’m sure NetApp has some sort of record of it after 34 phone calls, eight techs, 8 Gig of uploaded data, and 20+ emails.  Suffice to say many of your assumptions in your post are off base and not germane to the issue or applicable to our situation.  It was a well establish system that had a major issue with an update that for all our feet-stamping and complaining to both CDW and NetApp was ignored for almost eight days. No amount of Monday-morning quarterbacking will change that now.

(Update 10-15-2012)