True phone conversation…

Me:  Hello, Ed speaking.  May I help you?

Him:  Yes, did you get the labtop in I sent you?

Me:  Huh?  Who is this?

Him:  It’s me! Chris.

Me:  Chris?

Him:  Yeah, Chris.  I sent you my labtop last week.  I broke the screen.  Did you get it in yet?

Me:  I’m sorry…did you say “labtop”?

Him:  Yeah.  I sent my labtop and the confirmation says it was signed for.  Do you have it?

Me:  Yes, but it’s called a lap-top.  Not lab-top.

Him: Really?  Are you sure?

Me:  Well, 20-plus years in IT, multiple IT certifications, college level course…yeah, pretty sure.

Him: Well, we all call them labtops here on the west coast.  I think they are just called laptops in the midwest.

Me: *facepalm*  Okay…whatever….. 


Somedays it’s just not worth the fight…